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Compassionate Reminders for Difficult Days

Life can be filled with ups and downs. There are days where we may feel like we are at our best and days where we may feel at our lowest. Through my own journey of self-esteem and from the many sessions that I've had with my clients, I've learned that there are times where we will need to be extra compassionate with ourselves. 2020-2021 were 2 of the most difficult years of my life. There were many days where I felt doubtful of my own courage and power. There were times where I felt unsure if I could ever get to where I want to be in life. I felt discouraged and saddened when setbacks would come up. And I still do feel that way sometimes when setbacks happen. As hard as those days can be, the setbacks always turned into detours for something much better. Sometimes, they even turned into detours for something more beautiful than I had originally had hoped for! Sometimes we need certain reminders during the hardest moments of our lives.

I wrote this particular blog as a love letter to all of you. If today is one of those difficult days for you, I hope that you will find resonance with the following messages.

On Self-Worth

You are far more than your accomplishments and failures. You are always valuable and worthy simply for being you.

On Your Journey

Don't let the internet rush you. Most people aren't posting their setbacks, mistakes, and bad days.

On Your Wins

Congratulate yourself for the wins and assess where growth may still be needed. You are on your way.

On Your Power

There is power in both your losses and your wins. You are always more powerful and resilient than you think.

On People Leaving

Some people are only meant to stay for certain chapters, but not your whole story. Perhaps they were there for a lesson to be learned. Express gratitude for the time you had with them and gracefully let them go.

On New Beginnings

As painful as endings may be, you can always begin again. There is always something beautiful about new beginnings.

Always remember that you are valid, worthy, and LOVED. No matter how many times you may fall down, you can always rise again like a phoenix from the ashes.

Love & Light,


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