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"Never give from the depths of your well, but from your overflow."-Rumi

Online Psychotherapy for Mixed Identity & Multicultural Individuals

Read On About the Services I offer

Step into Your Unique Identity

The mixed race population is one of the most fastest-growing communities of color in the U.S. But what is also growing is the number of mental health problems in the multiracial community, with a study conducted by the Anxiety & Depression Association of America found that of individuals who reported a mental health disorder, 25% identify as two or more races. Being mixed race or multicultural is complex, being a beautiful, complicated, and isolating experience. Common challenges that mixed race people can experience are:

Identity struggles

Racial discrimination & micro aggressions both from outside & within their own communities

Cultural disconnection

Complex family dynamics

Internalized racism

Difficulty navigating social settings

Feelings of isolation


Embrace the beauty of your identity. Discover healing and empowerment in a space that celebrates your unique journey

Being a mixed race individual myself, I know what it is like to experience the unique challenges that people within our community face and not feeling like you belong anywhere. You have the right to claim every part of your identity and you don't have to choose, despite what society may tell you. Appearance is only part of your story. Even though being mixed race can bring privilege, it does not cancel out the experience of being POC. It brings nuance to it.

Embrace Your Identity & Thrive


What can I expect in our sessions?

A safe & nonjudgmental space 
Validation for your experiences
Explore your unique identity
Address negative internalized messages
Foster self-acceptance
Cultivate resilience
Increase self-esteem
Foster connection

Uncover the power of your unique story. Embrace your mixed identity and unlock your true potential with therapeutic support.


You have autonomy over your own experience.

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