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How to Plan Your 2023 Vision Board

Photo Credit: Captured by Allison Greenleaf for The Balanced Planner

Vision boards are an effective tool that we can use to manifest the life that we want. They help us get a clear picture of both our short and long-term goals. It is good to create one at least once a year, especially during this time. With the 2023 right around the corner, now is a good time to be able to reflect over the past year while also aligning ourselves with our vision for the new year. If you are someone that is wanting to create a vision board to start 2023 off on the right foot but are unsure of where to start, then this blog is just for you.

Vision boards work because:

  • They help us to get clear about our goals and dreams

  • They help to explore action steps that we can create towards curating the life that we want

  • They serve to remind us of what we want to do, who we want to be, and the places that we want to go

  • They help to nurture our creative side through the use of images, illustrations, and words that we place on it

  • They help us to find connection and alignment with the future that we want to create for ourselves

  • They help turn our dreams into reality

  • They call for us to step into our power

So now that you know how creating a vision board can benefit you and your future, let's get into the process of how to begin. Your vision board should be personal to you, so it is important to have fun with it while also allowing yourself to dream big! Here is how you can begin that process:

1. Pause and reflect over the previous year that you've had

When planning for your future, it can be important to take a look at the past. Ask yourself questions such as "what were my wins," "what are my areas of growth," "what do I want to take with me from the previous year into the new year," and "what did I learn?" Such questions can really help put things into perspective, especially when deciding what you want to get out of the following year.

2. Set and prioritize your goals

Reflect over the things that you'd like to achieve in the new year and put them into a list while prioritizing each item. By doing so, you can get clear on which goals are the most important to you. Be sure to add these goals to your vision board.

3. Select words, illustrations, and/or images for your vision board

Find pictures, illustrations, or words that truly embody what your goals are. Get creative and have fun with it! You can find images from a magazine or online.

4. Assemble your vision board

Decide how you want to put this together. There are many examples of vision boards that you can find online. You can create a vision board on a piece of paper, a poster, or even digitally.

5. Place your vision board somewhere that you can see it everyday

By placing your vision board somewhere that you can see it daily, you will constantly be reminded of your goals and can continuously reflect over the action steps needed in order for you to achieve them. In the digital planner that I've created, the vision board can be found on one of the first pages of the planner, that way you are able to easily find it every day.

Your vision board should serve as a roadmap or a blueprint of the future that you want to create. You can use your vision board as a guide by:

  • Developing an action plan to meet your goals

  • Reflecting on your goals by journaling about them

  • Taking a look at the different areas of growth that are needed to create the life that you want

After completing your vision board, I'd like to invite you to pause, close your eyes, and imagine the moment that your goals become a reality. Tune into your body and imagine what it will feel like the moment that you've achieved what you have been working so hard towards. Savor that feeling and then begin moving forward in the direction of creating the future that you are more than worthy of!

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