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Morning Habits that Support Your Mental Health

Our mornings can set the tone for the rest of the day. When our morning goes well, we can carry a sense of calm, productivity, and accomplishment with us throughout the day's entirety. The habits that we create for ourselves to practice in the morning can be supportive of our overall mental health. I didn't always consider myself a morning person and to be honest, I am still someone that isn't the biggest fan of getting up super early. But when I am able to structure my mornings with a routine and habits that support my overall mood, I notice that I feel good throughout the rest of my day. Here are 9 morning habits that can support your mental health:

1. Prepare all next day items the night before

By doing so, you'll feel more prepared, organized, and less anxious for the day ahead. Prepare your work items, lunch, clothes, etc.

2. Open the blinds or curtains in your room to let in daylight

Allowing sunlight into your room can help naturally boost the production of Vitamin D in your body. Vitamin D has been shown to ease symptoms of depression.

3. Engage in light stretching or movement

By beginning our day with light exercise, we can increase our focus, energy, alertness, and improve our mood. It also helps to begin the day with a sense of accomplishment.

4. Make your bed

Making your bed in the morning can also help to establish a sense of accomplishment and feel more organized at the start of the day.

5. Hydrate before you caffein-ate

Caffeine kick starts our stress response in the body. When we drink coffee while we are already dehydrated, it can increase feelings of stress and anxiety. Hydrating before caffeinating can help to promote a more relaxed state.

6. Limit screen time before work

By limiting our screen time, it reminds us to be more present at the start of the day. Try not to respond to work emails or scroll on social media until you begin your work day.

7. Eat a balanced breakfast

Eat a good breakfast that is nutrient dense. No good comes from an empty tank.

8. Practice gratitude

Begin your day by naming 3 things that you are grateful for, no matter how small. By beginning our day with gratitude, it can help us to set the tone for the rest of the day.

9. Take a few minutes of mindful breathing

This can help to still the mind and become more present before having to tackle our daily to-do lists.

The habits we create for our morning can set the tone for the day that we have. What are some morning habits that you would like to create for yourself?

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