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Why Intentions are Powerful & How to Set Them

Do you sometimes struggle with having a sense of direction ahead of the week? Do you sometimes feel disconnected or lost from yourself? As a therapist and life coach, I believe that change can be created in our lives through self-awareness and intentional action. Setting intentions are a great way for us to to find clarity and feel more connected to ourselves.

Intentions allow for us to honor commitments that we have made for ourselves. They can help guide us through challenges, allow for us to be present, remind us of where to place our focus, and strengthen the relationship that we have with ourself. They also help us feel more empowered. Intentions can be made in alignment with our goals and values, which can give us a sense of purpose. They lay the groundwork for the energy and future that we wish to create.

Setting weekly intentions are great ways to stay motivated and focused throughout the week. They help for us to establish a sense of direction and decide on what types of energy that we would like to welcome. When setting a weekly intention, I ask myself several questions:

"How do I want to feel this week?"

"What areas of my life do I need to focus on?"

"Which of my values do I wish to honor?"

"What meaning do I wish to create this week?

Here are examples of weekly intentions that you can use:

- This week, I will practice more compassion towards myself.

- I will be more present.

- I will allow my body to reset.

- I live in alignment with my goals and values.

- I will remain open.

- I will intend to do my best every day, even if my best looks different on each day.

To make sure that I am staying committed to my intentions, I either write them down in my planner or make them the wallpaper of my phone screen. Other things that you can do to make sure you are staying committed to your intentions are meditating and reflecting at the beginning and end of each day.

What intentions are you creating for yourself this week?

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