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What High Functioning Anxiety Looks & Feels Like

Living with high functioning anxiety can feel like you’re dealing with a secret problem. On the outside, it can look like you’re well put together, but on the inside it can feel like your anxiety is bubbling under the surface. Although this is something that many of us high-achievers struggle with, high functioning anxiety is not an actual mental health diagnosis. Instead, it refers to something that people who struggle with anxiety deal with, but function relatively well in various aspects of their life.

According to a recent study conducted by the National Institute of Mental health, 19% of adults in our country struggle with an anxiety disorder. This is clearly something that a large number of Americans struggle with. Among that number, some may experience high-functioning anxiety. So what can high-functioning anxiety look like?

-Always being prepared

-Being a “Yes” person

-Always completing high quality work

-Outwardly calm & collected

-Always on time




-Always helpful

High Functioning Anxiety can feel like:

-Difficulty in relaxing or resting

-Having unrealistic expectations for oneself

-Fear of making mistakes


-Constant worrying about what others think

-Feeling nervous often


-Feeling scared of failure

If this is something that you struggle with, just know that you are not alone in your experience. Practice compassion towards yourself in the sense that you likely adapted these behaviors to survive. In our sessions together, I will provide both a supportive, compassionate, safe, and judgement free environment for you to begin the process of healing, feeling your best, and living life on your terms.

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