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Things that Support Your Healing Outside of Therapy

Therapy is something that we can always turn to when we are experiencing the most difficult chapters of our lives. It is a safe space for you to explore the different parts of yourself, begin healing, and create meaning for our experiences. While therapy is something that can be beneficial for you in your healing process, what you do outside of our sessions is just as important. If you are making decisions or doing things outside of therapy that are counterproductive to the work that you are doing, with your you will only hinder your own growth. Sometimes, we can get in our own way.

The reality is, 45-50 minutes per week can only do so much if you are not supporting your own growth outside of your sessions. Your therapist is someone that can help facilitate healing but cannot magically solve your problems. Here are some things that you can do that are supportive of your healing outside of therapy:

  • Practice what you are learning in your sessions

  • Getting adequate rest

  • Implementing healthy boundaries with yourself and others

  • Taking care of your body by eating nourishing food, drinking water, and exercise

  • Checking in with your emotions and not avoiding them

  • Connecting with your support system

  • Spending time outside

  • Allowing yourself time to disconnect

  • Being mindful of the content you are consuming

  • Spending time with people that are good for your mental health

  • Being compassionate with yourself

If you find yourself having difficulty in finding the motivation to do things that are supportive of your healing outside of therapy, communicate this with your therapist. There is no shame in that. The road to change can be complicated. Sometimes, there may be things that we are unaware of that may be getting in the way. Together, you and your therapist can explore any barriers to change that you might be experiencing.

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