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Do I Need Therapy or a Life Coach?

There seems to be a lot of confusion these days between psychotherapists and life coaches. While both fields are very beneficial in helping you to achieve a feel good lifestyle, the two services are entirely different from one another. Here, I unpack how the two services stack up.

Psychotherapy is healthcare that is focused on the past, present, and future. It can be either short or long-term, dependent on what the client is working on. In psychotherapy, we focus on processing trauma, developing and implementing emotion-oriented goals to support healing, and developing healthy coping skills. In therapy, you can find empowerment and are held accountable by your therapist.

In life coaching services, the work is focused on the present and future. Life coaching services are short-term where you find alignment with your vision and goals. During 1:1 sessions, you are supported so that you can find balance, develop task-oriented goals, and an action plan. In our 1:1 life coaching sessions, you will also find empowerment and accountability.

So how can you decide which service might be better for you? Both services are highly beneficial but when trying to decide which service you need, this checklist found below is a good place to start.

Life Coaching Services:

  • Are you an action taker?

  • Are you motivated to create lasting change in your life?

  • Are you wanting to engage in self-exploration?

  • Are you looking to find alignment with your vision?

  • Are you wanting to create balance in your life that supports achievement of your goals and wellness?

  • Are you wanting to empower yourself and live a life that is authentic to you?

Then YES, get a life coach!

Psychotherapy Services:

All of the above AND

  • Are you in need of mental health support?

  • Are you wanting to work on your emotions, process trauma, and facilitate healing?

  • Are you wanting to develop tools to reduce emotional triggers and manage your emotions?

If so, psychotherapy would be a better fit for you.

As both a psychotherapist and a holistic life coach, it is my number one priority for my clients to feel supported, seen, validated, empowered, and held accountable so that they can live the life they have always dreamed of living. Whether you are looking for a therapist or a life coach, let's set up a consultation to get you started on your journey of reaching your full potential.

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