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Self-Soothing Through Your 5 Senses

Sometimes the levels of stress, anxiety, and burnout that we can experience can seem bigger than our physical bodies. However, our bodies are powerful. They have the power to ground themselves if we only allow ourselves to slow down and tune into our senses. If you are in need of calm at the end of your work week, here are some self-soothing tips that you can utilize through your 5 senses:


  • Watch a calming video

  • Scan your environment for different objects

  • Read a book

  • Watch the clouds pass by in the sky


  • Put an essential oils in a diffuser

  • Light your favorite candle

  • Go for a walk in nature and tune into the all the scents

  • Put on your favorite scented lotion or perfume


  • Listen to calming soundscapes

  • Listen to the sounds in your environment

  • Listen to your favorite song

  • Listen to an ASMR clip (if that's your thing)


  • Run your hands in cold or warm water

  • Pet your dog or cat

  • Feel the texture of a nearby item

  • Play with something textured in your hands (ex: kinetic sand, putty, etc.)


  • Eat something tasty

  • Suck on a piece of candy

  • Drink a glass of lemon water

  • Eat your favorite dish

Always remember that you are more powerful and bigger than your emotions. Just like everything else in life, they will always pass no matter how uncomfortable they may be.

Love & Light,


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