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Mental Wellness App Recommendations from Your Therapist & Life Coach

There are so many helpful apps out there that help to support our mental health and wellness. While there are many of them that are available to us, not all are built the same. Here are a few of my favorite picks:

Not only can concerts and festivals be a lot of fun (unless they aren't really your thing), but attending a live music event can have benefits to your mental health. Attending concerts and festivals certainly can be a privilege (given the hefty price tag at times), but here are some of the benefits if you are able to go to an event in the future:

Best for Anxiety, Sleep, & Meditation: Calm

This app features guided meditations, music, and sleep stories to help you quell anxiety, manage stress, and improve sleep. This app is very user friendly, allows for you to check in with your emotions, and keep track of your meditation streaks.

Best for BIPOC Anxiety: Shine

Because the way that you experience anxiety can be related to your cultural background, this app is a great one for BIPOC communities. This app was developed by two women of color that address anxieties that are community specific.

Best for Breathwork: Breathwrk

There are plenty of free breath work exercises on this app, but with a small monthly fee you can unlock access to all of the exercises. This app features a large library filled with breathing exercises to help you sleep, calm anxiety and stress, improve focus, increase energy and endurance.

Best for Journaling: Reflectly

This app is a personal journal that enables you to deal with negative thoughts, embrace positive ones, and teaches you about the science of well-being. This app also allows for you to keep track of your mood.

Best for Gratitude: Five Minute Journal

This one is a personal favorite of mine. It features entries designed for you to begin and end your day on a note of gratitude.

Best for Fitness, Wellness, & Beauty: ClassPass

I am in love with this app! It features different levels of membership but gives you access to local wellness classes, gyms, and services. It also offers you a free 2 week trial.

Is there a favorite wellness app that you have that wasn't listed?

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