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Journal Prompts to Increase Your Self-Awareness

I personally believe that self-awareness is the most important tool that anyone can take from their healing process. As a therapist, I believe that self-awareness is the catalyst to change. It allows for us to look within ourselves and gain a deeper understanding of who we are and why we do the things that we do. When we pay close attention to our thoughts, feelings, and body sensations, we we are laying the groundwork for understanding ourselves better. Self-awareness leads to self-discovery. When we self-discover, we strengthen the relationship that we have with ourselves.

Journaling is an excellent tool that we can use towards increasing our self-awareness. Journaling and self-reflecting can truly help us gain deeper insight within ourselves. Here are several journal prompts that you can use towards expanding and deepening your self-awareness:

  • What are the things that inspire me and why?

  • What are the values that I hold?

  • What do I stand for that is non-negotiable?

  • When do I trust myself the least?

  • When do I trust myself the most?

  • How would I describe myself?

  • How would others describe me?

  • What are the things that light my fire from within?

  • When do I feel the most connected to myself?

  • When do I feel disconnected from myself?

  • What meaning do I want to make from the challenges that I am healing from in my life?

  • Where do I find joy?

  • When do I feel powerful?

  • When do I feel the most at peace?

  • What do I currently feel grateful for in my life?

  • How can I show myself compassion during difficult times?

  • A mantra or affirmation that currently resonates with me is...

Love & Light,


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