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How We Can Begin to Heal from Self-Gaslighting

As mentioned in my previous blog, it is possible to begin healing from self-gaslighting. It isn’t easy, but by allowing yourself the time, compassion, and space you need to heal, you can begin fostering a more loving relationship with yourself. You are more than worthy of having this. Here are some tips that can help you to begin the process of unlearning and healing:

1. When you find yourself invalidating your own thoughts or feelings, pause, take a few deep breaths, and bring attention to your body

2. Notice any sensations, thoughts, and feelings that arise for you without judgement

3. Acknowledge that you are gaslighting yourself

4. Repeat these affirmations to yourself: “I am valid.” “My thoughts and feelings are valid.” “I have the right to express my truth.”

5. If it feels emotionally safe to do so, begin grounding yourself into your body. This can look like stretching, giving yourself long hugs, engaging in yoga poses, or even playing music and dancing to it.

While these tips can be helpful in beginning to validate ourselves and our truth, it is important that when you are ready to allow yourself the space to process your past traumatic experiences with a psychotherapist. Healing deep rooted trauma can be both transformative and empowering into the relationship that we have with ourselves. You more than anyone are deserving of your own love, compassion, and affection. You deserve to speak and live in your authentic truth.

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