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How to Self-Soothe After a Heavy Therapy Session

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Photo Credit: Pinterest

In therapy, sometimes it is normal to leave session feeling lower than you originally did walking in. It is unfortunately a part of the process sometimes. This is something that your therapist should explain in the very first session during a conversation that is called "Informed Consent." When we are putting in deep therapeutic work, some heavy and uncomfortable emotions can come up. So if you leave session feeling lower than you did walking out, how can you self-soothe?

Wear comfortable clothing

Light candles in your home

Go for a walk outside to get some fresh air

Mindful breathing

Drink calming tea

Listen to soft music

Do something symbolic such as washing your hands, taking a shower, or sage smudging to represent clearing energy from the session to transition back into your day

The last thing that I would like to add is that there is always consent in therapy. You don't have to talk about things that you're not ready to talk about or do not want to. If your therapist feels that talking about something could be beneficial to the therapuetic and healing process, they should ask your consent first.

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