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How to Decorate Your Space for an Anxiety Calming Aesthetic

Photo credit: Tumblr

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you find comfort, escape, and refuge. When we deal with the anxieties that life can bring us, we should be able to find calm in our homes. So how can we decorate our homes in a way that feels like our center?

Clean lines, floating surfaces, and light wood will set the tone for a Zen ambiance in the design of your space. This type of home design leans toward the “less is more” approach while keeping pieces natural and organic. Zen interiors elevate environmentally friendly design, which provides a calming aesthetic, and reflect a mind that is both present undistracted.

Including greenery into your home design can add a touch of nature for a grounded feel. Plants not only compliment the neutral tones and natural woods in your design but also purify the air that circulates in your home. The best plants to include in your home design due to easy care include the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Monstera, Snake Plant, Palm, and the Sweetheart Plant.

Paint colors that are airy, light, and white can bring a clean feel to your space. Implementing colors such as blues, greens, and sand tones can provide a calming feel. Earth tones such as different shades of brown and beige can truly make you feel grounded in your own home.

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