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How Staying Hydrated May Reduce Feelings of Anxiety

Have you ever noticed at times that you felt more anxious when you were dehydrated? While drinking water certainly isn't a fix all for mental health challenges, it certainly has an important role in the functioning of our mind and body. Being dehyrated can lead to increased feelings of anxiety, stress, fatigue, and irritability.

It is rare that dehydration will cause anxiety and depression, however not drinking enough water can put you at risk for developing the symptoms mentioned prior. Long story short, when our bodies are dehydrated, they become stressed. When your body experiences stress, anxiety and depression can follow. Water has also been shown to have calming effects, likely due to your body and brain responding to hydration. Even when you aren’t finding yourself feeling anxious, drinking enough water can help promote a relaxed state in your body.

While staying hydrated is not a fix for mental health challenges, it certainly can help minimize the symptoms of anxiety such as accelerated heart rate, dizzines, and nausea. Drinking enough water can make anxiety less uncomfortable.

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