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Holistic Self-Care Practices for You to Use this Weekend

Feeling exhausted or fatigued at the end of this week? With the many responsibilities that we have to attend to throughout our working week, it is common for many us that our energy levels are lower by the time that Friday comes around. When this happens for us, it is important to listen to our bodies and implement restorative practices during our days off. In need of some self-care but are unsure of how to nourish yourself this weekend? Here are some mind, body, SELF holistic practices that you can include into your weekend to allow yourself proper rest:


  • Begin your day with 10 minutes of mindfulness

  • Put your phone on airplane mode & unplug for 1 hour

  • De-clutter your space

  • Create a gratitude list

  • Journal about anything that is present on your mind


  • Spend 20 minutes or more outside in the sun

  • Engage in a yoga flow

  • Take a warm bath

  • Do a 30 minute workout

  • Self-massage with essential oils


  • Set an intention for your weekend

  • Sing your favorite song in the shower

  • Meditate

  • Dance to your favorite music

  • Do something in alignment with one of your values

I hope that these suggestions are helpful to anyone who is in need of nourishment and rest this weekend. Be gentle with yourselves.

Love & Light,


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