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Coping Through Burnout

Burnout is something that can leave us feeling depleted. It can make us feel not like ourselves. For many, it might not be realistic to quit their jobs especially when there is financial need. There are many things that can be helpful when we are experiencing burnout. Here are different methods of coping that you can utilize when experiencing burnout:

  • Make sure that you are taking care of your physical health by staying hydrated, eating balanced meals, and implementing healthy movement into your day

  • Shift part of the focus to things that you enjoy about the job or what originally brought you to the field

  • Prioritize "me time" even for just a few moments per day

  • Try out different mindfulness techniques to reduce stress

  • Set boundaries around work where they can be implemented

  • Communicate to your colleagues & loved ones if you are experiencing burnout

  • Prioritize time for rest during your days off

  • Plan things you enjoy doing in advance to give you things to look forward to (ex. travel, going to a concert, going on a hike, etc.)

  • Commit to making decisions around work based on your values

Utilizing different methods of coping, taking care of your physical health, and reaching out for support are all very important. Although these methods can be helpful, much change is needed at a larger level. It is important that companies and organizations are doing what they can to change the ways that they perpetuate toxic workplace culture. No mental health app, mindfulness technique, yoga flow, or clean diet is going to fix the massive rates that people experience burnout in our society.

DISCLAIMER: The content of this blog does not substitute for mental health services. These are my personal thoughts gained from my experiences and education as a psychotherapist. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911.

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