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Anxiety That Comes With Change

There is always one thing that is certain in life. Things change. Change can be a big trigger for us, whether it is for better or worse. When I was 18-years-old, I experienced one of the biggest panic attacks I ever had. I was in my first year of college, living in the dorms of my college campus in Arizona, and my family had just moved away to California. A lot of big changes were happening in my life at the time and all at once.

As we have all seen over the past two years, change happens. Of course change isn't always a bad thing, however it always entails adjusting to something new. Facing the unknown can cause fear, worry, dread, or anxiety. While we can't stop change from happening, we can stop fearing it and feel less anxious about the unkown. Change can also foster so much growth, which doesn't happen while we are comfortable. Change can be a healthy part of life, especially if we can cope and create a level of resilience within us. Here are things that we can do to cope with change:

  1. Shift the focus to what we have control of

  2. Maintain a normal routine or practices

  3. Check in with your emotions through reflection or confiding in a trusted person

  4. Create a plan for yourself

  5. Prioritize and be gentle with yourself during transitions

Seeing yourself as able to control your reaction to change can truly make the fear of change and the anxiety of the unknown subside.

Love & Light,


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