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Affirmations to Deepen Your Self-Trust

In this crazy life that we live, it can truly be difficult to trust ourselves or even others on a day to day basis. There can be many different reasons for why we struggle with trust in ourselves. Sometimes we lose self-trust after making mistakes, if we are criticized constantly by others, experiencing emotional abuse, or after experiencing trauma. When we are doubtful of the trust that we have in ourselves, we can truly feel disconnected from who we are at the core. Here are some signs that you might be struggling with self-trust:

  • You constantly second guess yourself

  • You are heavily reliant on the opinions of others

  • You compare yourself to others often

  • You struggle with making decisions for yourself

  • You avoid tuning into your emotions and needs

  • You undervalue your own perspective and opinions

  • You put off making decisions in fear of making wrong decisions

  • You find yourself thinking often about what things would be like if you decided differently

People that struggle with trusting themselves are likely to experience increased levels of anxiety and depression. They may also struggle with sleep, as ruminating thoughts can keep them awake at night. When living through constant uncertainty, their physical health can also take a toll, due to stress and anxiety's impact on the body. Although developing trust in ourselves can be difficult to do, especially if we had experienced abuse, it is still something that can be cultivated. Like anything else, it takes time, consistency, leaning into our emotions, deepening our self-awareness, and healing.

Although the journey may not be easy, you are more than capable and worthy of developing a healthy relationship with yourself that is rooted in trust. Affirmations are tools that we can use to begin cultivating a deepened relationship with ourselves. Although affirmations alone are not enough to create a healthy relationship with oneself, they are certainly a step in the right direction. When practiced consistently, we can re-wire our brains to accept and believe the words that we speak to ourselves. Personally, I like reciting affirmations to myself in front of a mirror as I get ready for my day, on my drive to wherever I am headed, or as I am preparing for bed. Here are a few affirmations that you can use to begin deepening your self-trust:

"I trust my voice."

"My inner voice is strong and clear."

"I am learning everyday."

"I am growing everyday."

"I am creating positive and lasting change in my life."

"The belief that I have in myself is strengthening."

"Even if I make mistakes, I can always try again."

"I can always learn from my past mistakes and grow from them."

"I am worthy of creating the life I have always dreamed of living."

"I avoid those around me who seek to undermine my self-trust."

"I have no control over what other's may think of me."

"I have no control over other people's actions, only my own."

"I take responsibility to be the best that I can be. Even if my best looks different on some days."

"I release stagnant energy that holds me back from reaching my full potential."

"I believe in the importance of what I want."

"I trust my mind, body, and spirit."

"I trust my process."

"I trust my intention."

"I trust my power."

"I am always enough."

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