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Affirmations for Self-Confidence

Reciting positive affirmations can help us feel more connected to ourselves. They can help us to challenge negative thoughts that we may hold about ourselves. And if we recite them repeatedly and consistently, we can re-wire our brains to fully embrace those thoughts. Everyone is worthy of having a confident relationship with themselves. But sometimes trauma, mental health challenges, and life circumstances can have a negative impact on our confidence and self-esteem. Here are a few positive affirmations to set a confident tone for the weekend ahead:

"Every day, I am learning and growing into the best version of myself."

"Every challenge that presents itself to me is an opportunity for growth."

"I am creating a positive and loving relationship with myself."

"I believe in my skillset and abilities."

"I am not defined by my trauma."

"I value myself and am confident."

"I release my limiting beliefs and embrace confidence."

"All that I need to flourish is already within me."

"I trust the journey."

"I am a powerful being."

"I have the power to create lasting change in my life."

"I am enough."

I hope you enjoy using these affirmations to being cultivating a more confident and loving relationship with yourself. Because you deserve it.

Love & Light,


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