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333 Anxiety Grounding Technique

Anxious feelings can definitely make us feel like we are losing a sense of control. It can feel like our thoughts are racing at the speed of light, our heart is beating out of our chest, that our emotions are bigger than our bodies, and all of the other hallmark symptoms that we can experience when we are feeling anxious. If you are a feeling a bit anxious today, here is a quick anxiety grounding technique that you can utilize. It is called the 3-3-3 Technique.

Take a moment to get settled into your space. You can either stand or stay seated. Take a few deep belly breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. When you are ready, begin to scan your environment. Name 3 things either out loud or to yourself that you see. Next, name 3 things either out loud or to yourself that you hear. Lastly, bring awareness to your body. Notice any gripping or tension that you may be holding. Move 3 parts of your body to release tension.

This is a technique that I like to teach my clients whenever they feel that their anxiety might be spiraling. Techniques like this work in the sense that they distract your mind from your anxious thoughts and bring attention to your nearby surroundings. Techniques like this also work because anxiety likes to make our nervous system feel like we have no control and that there is an imminent threat when there isn't. This exercise reminds our brain that we are still in control of our environment and that we are physically safe.

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