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10 Ways to Deepen Your Intuition

Our intuition is our superpower. When we are connected to it, we can find guidance, clarity, and alignment. As mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, we can sometimes become disconnected from it. This can happen to us especially when living through prolonged periods of stress, anxiety, and after experiencing trauma. This can also happen to us when we spend a lot of time on our phones. I previously discussed how we can begin rebuilding trust with our intuition during our healing process. Here, I will discuss different ways that you can deepen your intuition after re-building trust.

Practice mindfulness through your 5 senses

Our intuition can communicate with us through different sensations in our bodies. Practicing mindfulness helps us to become present and tune into our bodies.


With the noise that comes with our every day lives, it can be hard to practice stillness. When we practice being still, we are more able to listen to what our intuition is trying to communicate with us. Meditation helps us to quiet and still the mind.

Take breaks from social media

Going on a social media cleanse can have so many added benefits, but if it is not realistic for you to fully go offline for a period of time, make sure that you are giving yourself frequent breaks from it.

Spend time in nature

Nature is such good medicine for the soul. In nature, we are able to disconnect from the noise from our every day lives. Spending time outside is a great way to get in touch with your intuition.

Pay attention to any feelings that you have when meeting someone new

I really emphasize this in the work that I do with my clients. Whenever you are meeting or getting to know someone new, pay attention to any feelings and body sensations that come up for you when you are around that person. Pay attention to how your nervous system feels around them.

Practice breathwork

There is so much power in the breathe! We can use it to ground ourselves, improve our focus, improve sleep, and so much more. When it is done right, you can facilitate a form of self-healing, which is a form of intuition.

Pay attention to your body's physical sensations and ask what they may be trying to tell you

Bring awareness to your body throughout the day and take note of any sensations that come up for you in different situations, environments, and with people. This is also helpful in exploring your triggers.

Do things in alignment with your values

This not only strengthens your intuition but also is powerful in developing a healthy self-esteem. When we do things that are in alignment with ourselves, we are able to really connect with who we are at the core.

Practice free journaling

Jotting down our thoughts throughout the day helps to deepen our self-awareness and strengthen our intuition overall.

Reflect over any dreams that you might have had while sleeping

I am by no means a dream analyst and know that dreams can be very subjective. BUT, I do feel that they can be helpful to reflect over because sometimes our intuition will communicate to us through them. It can be helpful to keep a journal on your nightstand and jot down any memories of dreams that you had while sleeping.

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